Naše iskustvo studija u Melburnu – Cynthia i Nikola

Put od Perua, preko Beograda do neverovatnog Melburna


My name is Cynthia Anicama and I am from Lima, Peru. However, I have been living in Belgrade, Serbia with my husband Nikola. As we have met on a cruise ship and are passionate travelers we have decided to pursue new experiences.

After a lot of researching and browsing the possibilities, we found blogs about people who are studying in Australia, and that’s when name Elena Simic and Future Option came about.

To be specific Elena was the one helping me with all the requirements for the student visa for Australia. She went above and beyond to give us or necessary information. One can tell she has experience and knows what she is doing. We applied for a student visa in my case to study Travel & Tourism together with my husband, who was to follow me on a partner visa. We got the visa after just few months. Two weeks later we were in amazing Melbourne, city of unique international culture, sport events, and unlimited opportunities.

First month was difficult for us because we were trying to find a place to stay, job, learning about public transportation and studying all at the same time. It was challenging, but fun at the same time. After about two months, we both had a job in hospitality, Nikola at the Westin hotel and myself at the Melbourne airport in the Quantas VIP lounge.

Melbourne is a city with almost unlimited opportunities. However, you have to work hard and learn a lot.

Every beginning is difficult and that is why it is good to have somebody like Elena who is very capable to help materialize the dreams.

Good luck and keep dreaming…

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Elena Simic

Agent za studiranje i odlazak u Australiju, direktor agencije Future Option
Studiranje u Australiji, upis na studije i apliciranje za studenstku vizu.
Savetovanje i pripremanje aplikacija za studentske, turističke, partner i druge vize za Australiju.

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